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: Canada

Social Responsibility: Astral Development: Harold Greenberg Fund
*Script Development Program - Story Optioning Phase
*Script Development Program
*Equity Investment Program
*Family Film Program

Bell Broadcast and New Media Fund

Bravo!FACT: Grants for the Production of Canadian Shorts (Film)

Canada Council for the Arts
: Le Conseil des Arts du Canada :

Canada Council for the Arts: Aboriginal Peoples Secretariat
*Aboriginal Peoples Collaborative Exchange - National and International (03-2002)
*Information on Grant Programs for Aboriginal Artists (03-2002)
*Canada Council for the Arts and the National Research Council of Canada: Artists-in-Residence for Research Program (Pilot) (05-2002)

Canada Council for the Arts: Dance
*Grants to Dance Professionals (01-2002)
* Senior Fellowships (01-2002)
* Production Project Grants for Dance Collectives and Companies (03-2001)
* Creation/Production in Dance (10-2001)
* Support Services to the Dance Milieu (10-2001)
* Dance Program of Presenter Support (Under Review)
* Dance Touring Grants and Annual Grants for Dance Managers and Agents (07-2001)
* Travel Grants to Dance Professionals (03-2002)
* Support to Aboriginal Peoples Dance Organizations and Collectives (08-2001)
* International Co-Production Program for Dance (Pilot Program) (09-2001)
* The Flying Squad I - An Organizational Development Program in Dance (01-2002)
* The Flying Squad II - An Organizational Development Program in Dance (05-2002)
* Canada Council for the Arts and the National Research Council of Canada: Artists-in-Residence for Research Program (Pilot) (05-2002)

Canada Council for the Arts: Theatre :
* Grants to Theatre Artists (12-2001)
* Senior Fellowships (12-2001)
Theatre Production Project Grants (3 components):
* Emerging Artists' Creation/Development (06-2002)
* Established Artists' Creation/Development (06-2002)
* Artists and Community Collaboration Fund (06-2002)
* Developmental Support to Aboriginal Theatre Organizations (07-2002)
* Multi-Year and Annual Operating Grants to Professional Theatre Organizations (01-2002)
* Theatre Touring and Special Initiatives Program (11-2001)
* Canadian Creation Program: Initiative to Support the Creation and Production of Canadian Theatre Work (06-2000)
* Travel Assistance for Theatre Artistic Directors and Presenters (11-2001)
* The Flying Squad: An Organizational Development Program in Theatre (01-2002)
* Theatre International Pilot Program (07-2002)
* Theatre Presenting Program (03-2002)
* Support to Theatre Service Organizations (01-2000)
* John Hirsch Prize (05-2002)
* Canada Council for the Arts and the National Research Council of Canada: Artists-in-Residence for Research Program (Pilot) (05-2002)

Canada Council for the Arts: Media Arts
* Grants to Film and Video Artists (06-2002)
* Grants to New Media and Audio Artists (01-2002)
* New Media Residencies (02-2002)
* EMARE -European Media Artist in Residency Exchange (03-2001)
* New Media Residency: Host Organizations (09-2000)
* Aboriginal Media Arts Program (03-2002)
* Travel Grants To Media Arts Professionals (03-2002)
* Assistance to Media Arts Production Organizations (07-2002)
* Development Project Grants (04-2002)
* Annual Assistance to Distribution Organizations (08-2001)
* Annual Assistance for Programming (04-2002)
* Annual Assistance to Media Arts Festivals (09-2001) (Under Review)
* Media Arts Dissemination Project Grants (04-2002) Grant Application Forms
*Discussion of web strategies for media artists and media arts organizations
*Canada Council for the Arts and the National Research Council of Canada: Artists-in-Residence for Research Program (Pilot) (05-2002)

Canada Council for the Arts: Music :
* Grants to Professional Musicians (Individuals) (03-2002)
* Travel Grants to Professional Musicians (Individuals) (09-2001)
Career Development Program
* Project Grants to Artists and Annual Grants to Managers and Agents (06-2002)
* Aboriginal Peoples Music Program Under Review (08-2001)
* Residencies and Commissioning of Canadian Compositions (03-2002)
* Concert Production and Rehearsal Program for Aboriginal, Classical, Folk, Jazz, and World Music (03-2002)
New Music Program
* Multi-year and Annual Funding, Project Funding and Special Project Grant (05-2002)
* Targeted Initiatives (02-2002)
* Grants for Specialized Music Sound Recording (06-2002)
* Music Touring Grants (11-2001)
* International Performance Assistance in Music (Pilot Project) (10-2001)
* Music Festivals Programming Project Grants and Music Festival Travel Grants (06-2001)
* Professional Choir Program (02-2002)
* Professional Orchestra Program (12-2001)
* Opera/Music Theatre Program (11-2001)
* Jules Leger Prize for New Chamber Music (06-2000)
* Canada Council for the Arts and the National Research Council of Canada: Artists-in-Residence for Research Program (Pilot) (05-2002)

Canada Council for the Arts: Visual Arts :
Creation/Production Grants and Travel Grants to Professional Artists
* Grants to Professional Artists - Visual Arts (including Photography) (04-2002)
* Travel Grants to Professional Artists (03-2002)
* Architecture (02-2002)
* Prix de Rome in Architecture (01-2001)
* Fine Craft (01-2002)
* Independent Critics and Curators (02-2002)
* International Residencies Program (02-2002)
* Assistance to Aboriginal Curators for Residencies in Visual Arts (12-2000) (Under Review)
* Assistance to Culturally Diverse Curators for Residencies in the Visual Arts (Pilot Program) (12-2000)
* Ronald J. Thom Award for Early Design Achievement (01-2001)
* Saidye Bronfman Award - fine crafts (02-2002)
* York Wilson Endowment Award 2001-2002 (administered by the Endowments and Prizes Section) Senior Fellowships in Architecture, Fine Craft, Independent Critics and Curators, and Visual Arts (including photography) (02-2002)
Project Grants to Organizations
* Project Assistance to Visual Arts, Fine Crafts and Architecture Organizations (07-2002)
* Jean A. Chalmers Fund for the Crafts (01-2002)
* Acquisition Assistance for Art Museums and Public Galleries (09-2000)
* Assistance To Professional Canadian Contemporary Art Dealers (Pilot Program) (07-2002) (Under Review)
Annual Grants to Organizations
* Assistance to Art Museums and Public Galleries (09-2001) * Assistance for Artist-Run Centres (08-2001)

Canada Council for the Arts: Writing and Publishing :
Grants for Professional Writers:
* Creative Writing, Senior Fellowships, Travel and Author Residencies (03-2002)
* Grants to Aboriginal Writers, Storytellers and Publishers (02-2001)
* Spoken and Electronic Words Program (12-2001) Sample projects on-line
Book Publishing Support:
* Emerging Publisher Grants and Block Grant Program (10-2001)
* Translation Grants (03-2002) * Author Promotion Tours (09-2001)
* International Translation Grants (04-2002)
* Co-operative Projects in Writing and Publishing (1-2002)
* Literary Readings and Festivals (02-2002)
* Grants to Literary and Arts Magazines (02-2002)
* Governor General's Literary Awards -- Guidelines (01-2002)
* List of titles submitted
* Lists of Literary Readings and Festivals Across Canada (01-2002)
* Canada-Japan Literary Awards 2002 (02-2002)
* Canada Council for the Arts and the National Research Council of Canada: Artists-in-Residence for Research Program (Pilot) (05-2002)


Canada Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade: Arts and Cultural Industries
: Arts et Industries Culturelles :

DFAIT Arts Promotion
*The Canada/Mexico Creative Arts Agreement
*Visiting Foreign Artists Program

DFAIT Film, Video and Television
*Travel Grants for International Martet Development
*Canadian Festivals: Grants for International Business Development

DFAIT Literature and Publishing

DFAIT Performing Arts:
Project Guidelines for Professional Artists & Arts & Cultural Organizations
*Canadian Performers: How to enter U.S.
*International Touring Projects
*International Career Development Projects
*Support for Canadian Festivals and Projects

DFAIT Visual and Media Arts:
Project Guidelines for Professional Artists & Arts Organizations & Institutions
*International Touring of Canadian art exhibitions
*Preparatory Tours
*Incoming Familiarization Visits
*International Career Development
*Major International Art Events

Canadian Film Centre: TELUS Innovation Fund
new forms of high-quality, original Canadian content that explore new ways of approaching entertainment and storytelling. This fund supports projects in the form of a recoupable contribution towards the production of innovative film, television, new media, or cross-platform content projects.

Canadian Heritage:
Young Canada Works

CFRN TV Production Fund

CIFVF: The Canadian Independent Film & Video Fund

Global Development Fund: Drama, Documentary, Teens, Variety

*Program development Fund
*Theatrical Feature Film Development Program

Indie Films - in Los Angeles, CA, USA. Based in USA, but available to Canadians.
*Feature Films
*Short Films
*Film Festivals
*Filmmaker's Grab Bag

Island Mountain Arts School for the Arts Scholarship

Octavia Films Short Film Grants for young (18-30 only) emerging female filmmakers

RBC (Royal Bank of Canada) Canadian Painting Competition

Shaw Rocket Fund (formerly Shaw Television Broadcast Fund)
*Rocket Fund - Children's Programming Initiative

Sobey Art Award
Scotiabank Photography Award

Toronto-One Fund

Telefilm Canada

Telefilm Canada: Feature Film Fund:
Development Production and Marketing Programs

Telefilm Canada: Music Fund - MEP

Telefilm Canada: New Media Fund

Telefilm Canada: Showcase:
A Program of Grants for Canadian Festivals

Telefilm Canada:
Canadian Television Fund: Equity Investment Program

VideoFACT: Foundation to Assist Canadian Talent

: Alberta


Alberta Cultural Industries Association

Alberta Foundation for the Arts Grant Programs
*Grants to Individuals: Art Acquisition Through Slide Submission
*Grants to Individuals: Commissions
*Grants to Individuals: Projects
*Grants to Organizations: Alberta Film Development
*Grants to Organizations: Artists And Education
*Grants to Organizations: Arts Festivals
*Grants to Organizations: Book Publishers Operating
*Grants to Organizations: Commissions
*Grants to Organizations: Community Performing Arts Organizations
*Grants to Organizations: Community Presenting
*Grants to Organizations: Community Support Organizations - Operating
*Grants to Organizations: Community Support Organizations - Projects
*Grants to Organizations: Magazine Publishing Organizations
*Grants to Organizations: Post Secondary Institutions
*Grants to Organizations: Professional Performing Arts Companies
*Grants to Organizations: Projects
*Grants to Organizations: Sound Recording

: British Columbia


British Columbia Arts Council

British Columbia Film Skills
*Partnership in Training
*Bursary Fund
*Internship Program

Directors Guild of Canada Kick Start Program

: Manitoba


Manitoba Arts Council
: Conseil des Arts du Manitoba

Manitoba Film and Sound

Winnipeg Arts Council

The Winnipeg Foundation

: New Brunswick


New Brunswick Arts Board

New Brunswick Film

: Newfoundland & Labrador


Newfoundland & Labrador Arts Council

Newfoundland & Labrador Film Development Corporation

: Northwest Territories


Northwest Territories Arts

Northwest Territories Education, Culture and Employment: Student Financial Assistance

Yellowknife Community Foundation

: Nova Scotia


Nova Scotia Film Development Corporation

Atlantic Film-Makers Cooperative: Grants to Members
*One Minute Film Scholarship Program
*Three Minute Film Scholarship Program
*Open Production Grants
*Film 5 Grants

: Ontario


Trillium Book Award

Octavia Films: Short Film Grant

Ontario Arts Council
: Le Conseil des arts de l’Ontario

Ontario Crafts Council

Ontario Cultural Attractions Fund

Ontario Media Development Corporation
multiple art funding programs

Toronto Arts Council

TVO: Documentaries on TVO (Television)

: Prince Edward Island


Technology PEI: Film & New Media Development

: Quebec


La Societe de developpement des entreprises culturelles SODEC

La financiere des entreprises culturelles
: FIDEC Quebec Entertainment Investment

MaxFACT:: production de vidéoclips d'artistes québécois et franco-canadiens

: Saskatchewan



Saskatchewan Arts Board

Saskatchewan Recording Industry Association SRIA

: Yukon/Nunavut


Yukon Arts

Yukon Film Commission

: International


Association of Independent Video and Filmmakers AIVF
AIVF Membership Required for Funding Details

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